Wainscoting Adds Class and Style

You may or may not know what Wainscoting is. Even if you don’t recognize the name, you have likely seen it in a number of homes and other buildings. Wainscoting is a form of wall covering or paneling used to cover the lower portion of walls. It can be simple or elaborate and comes in a multitude of styles. It requires some carpentry skills to install, so it is recommended that you use a professional. It can either be custom made and installed by a craftsman, or you can purchase a pre-made kit and have it installed by a professional. Either option will add a touch of class and style, giving the room a finished look. 

While wainscoting can be painted any color, it is generally painted white, while the top portion of the wall is painted another color or wallpapered. The white of the wainscoting brings brightness to any room leaving it feeling airy and light. This allows the top portion to be painted a darker shade than you might normally paint a room, without making the room feel dark.

If you are considering adding some wainscoting to you home, the dining room or family room are great places to start. Each of these areas contains chairs that are constantly being moved around, rocked, or reclined, causing damage to your walls. By doing a little carpentry you can add an extra layer of protections to your walls, making them easier to maintain. Wainscoting is made from harder material than drywall and does not ding or dent as easily.

Bathrooms are also a great place to add some wainscoting. It can bring character to smaller spaces and really add a finishing touch.

Wainscoting is a great way to help your home look classy and elegant. It might require someone with a few carpentry skills to make it look its best, but it is well worth every penny.