Popular Uses for Dormer Windows

Many people enjoy tucking into cozy nooks in their homes, but not all houses are originally designed with such spaces. Adding dormer windows to your home can maximize the usefulness of an existing room, and they look lovely from the outside, too. Whether you are using the extra space for work, hospitality or play, there are several ways you can use these charming additions.


A small window that juts out beyond the barrier of the roof may leave just enough space for a writing desk. This addition may be all the space you need to hold your laptop for virtual meetings or work on your next article or novel. You may not have a whole room to set aside for an office, but a certified contractor can help you add a workspace to your upstairs common area.


If you have frequent overnight guests, you can use the dormer window as a sleeping area. If the space is big enough to tuck a standard mattress into it, it’s easy to create a cozy spot for visitors. You can also have a custom mattress made to fit the space.


One of the most common uses of these additions is window seating. A cushioned ledge inside the window provides a great place with a view to sit. You can add extra lighting for family members who want to use it as a reading nook at any time of the day, and you can have your contractor build a cabinet under the ledge for extra storage.

An experienced contractor can help you find the right design for your home. Dormer windows are great home improvement projects if you need just a little extra space or want to expand an existing upper-level room. They not only look great from the outside of your home but also provide a cozy nook that you can use for business or pleasure.