Expanding Your Home With a Garage Addition

If you live in a home without a garage, it may be time to build one on your property. This beneficial asset can add value to your home and comes with a host of perks for everyday life. While it’s true that garages are often utilized to house cars, their function can expand far beyond…

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What You Need To Do Before Waterproofing Your Basement

If your basement is wet, smells rotten, or simply feels damp, then it may be time for a basement waterproofing project. Depending on the source of your problem, you’ll have to determine if you need to waterproof the interior or exterior of your basement. Here are three steps you should takebefore moving forward with your…

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Give Unused Space New Life

Turning unused attic space into a functional room can be an ideal way to expand the living area of a home. However, not all attics can be converted. Before starting an attic remodeling project, there are a few best practices that can help you get started.

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Four Ideas for Your Upcoming Basement Remodel

Are you finally ready to tackle that big project in your basement? It has sat unfinished or out of style long enough. Now it’s time to get your creativity on and think of how you want to turn that large empty area of studs and concrete or those drab, tiring rooms into a beautiful, functional…

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FourWays To Prepare for A Home Addition

When deciding on which home additions you may want to do to your residence, there are some things you should do to prepare for the actual. These basics should not be overlooked, as skipping a step may set you back either time or money – or both. Here are four steps that will have you…

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Details to Research Before Installing Home Siding


Siding replacement can improve curb appeal and increase your home’s overall value, making it a worthwhile project for many homeowners. Whether you are giving your house a fresh look or simply replicating the old siding, there are a few important things to consider before getting started.

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Effective Garage Roof Replacement: 5 Tips


Your garage roof has a vitally important function to play in shielding your vehicles and other possessions from rain, wind, and sun. However, it will inevitably take a beating from harsh weather conditions and likely require replacement. If your garage is separate from your house, you may be able to choose a different, more effective…

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Tips To Keep in Mind When Building A Custom Deck


Decks have been a part of human relaxation for over a century. Often built to surround homes, they later moved into backyards as families developed more time out of the office. Once decks were constructed solely of wood, but modern technological advancements developed materials that feel and look like wood, and these composite materials are…

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Looking for a Little More Headspace? Add a Dormer Window to Your Loft


Lofts bring a lot to the table when you’re looking for an urban living space that gives you versatility and breathing room without making you overcharge for the extra air. They duplicate some of the most desired features of freestanding houses in that regard, providing a little more elegance than a standard apartment. Not all…

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Everything You Wanted To Know About Outdoor Gazebos


As springtime blossoms with budding flowers and chirping birds, more and more homeowners want to renovate their yards. One popular way of adding outdoor living is with outdoor gazebos. These structures provide an escape from the heat, a pleasant place to picnic and a relaxing location to enjoy the beauty of nature. History Gazebos were…

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