Maintain Independence by Aging in Your Home

If you or a loved one, such as a parent, have reached the age or retirement or will soon, you may think about whether it’s time to consider moving into a nursing home or another type of assisted living facility. Know that you or your loved one can remain in a current home, which is known as aging in place. This option can make growing into one’s senior years more comfortable and make one feel more independent, which isn’t always guaranteed in a nursing home or similar facility.

Helping Elders Help Themselves

One of the biggest components of helping senior citizens comfortably remain in their homes is giving them the tools to take proper and complete care of themselves. This means creating a comprehensive plan with the help of an aging in place professional. Helping elders help themselves could also involve making renovations or upgrades to their homes, which equals sitting down with a professional construction company familiar with such projects. Elders and their loved ones should also talk with doctors to determine whether the elderly person has any health concerns to consider when it comes to remaining in their home rather than moving into an assisted living facility.

Consulting With Geriatric Professionals 

There are geriatric professionals, like geriatric care managers, who can also provide insight on how senior citizens can take optimum care of themselves when they decide to remain in their own homes for as long as possible. Additionally, technological advances can prove instrumental in this endeavor. Medication-dispensing computers help elderly individuals stay on top of taking their prescriptions. Assistive devices that help the elderly stay mobile include ramps, doorbell indicators, personal hygiene aids and reachers. Telecommunication devices help senior citizens stay in touch with friends and family, and can also allow them to reach out to medical professionals when necessary.

Aging in place can be a great way to help aging individuals maintain their dignity and boost overall happiness. Contact a professional to learn more about options for yourself or an aging loved one.