Is Adding a Garage to Your Home Worth the Cost?

Garages are used for parking cars, household storage, and hiding Christmas presents. Garages are also convenient places to work on vehicles, complete hobbies, and chat with friends during inclement weather. If you have a home without a garage, you have probably felt something about your house was missing for some time. You may have casually wondered if a garage addition was worth investigating. Here are some facts to help you decide.

Stand Alone or Attached

Garages come in two main styles – the stand-alone and the attached. The stand-alone can be anything from a Quonset to a prefabricated building, and it can stand anywhere on your property. The attached garage is typically built next to your home and can be prefabricated or stick built.  The attached type is secured to your home by a walkway, roof, and door. Both types of garage additions are useful, and both can enhance the value of your house.

Enhanced Addition or Single

When looking for a garage style that fits your home, you can select a single layer, multi-car garage, or choose an enhanced addition. The enhanced garages often have stairs built inside the building that leads to a second level above that houses a bonus room, theater, workroom, or even a man cave. Depending on what you want from your garage, the options available when designing the space can seem endless.

Fun Options or Plain

When planning your garage addition, don’t forget to budget for shelves, hanging units, and a locked storage closet to hide those Christmas presents. If you want to use the garage as a gathering place or a workout area, you may also consider adding a fridge to store cold drinks and snacks. There are numerous fun options you can use when designing your garage. Or you can leave the walls plain and use the area to store your cars.

If you want to add a garage to your home, begin with a design and then add all the fun options you want to include. It is your garage; create a space that works for your family.