Best Options for Upgrading Your Outdated Windows

For those who live in a home with an outdated window, either with one original to the home or cheap models that aren’t as effective as they used to be, window replacement is a smart investment. In addition to changing the look of your home, you can also noticeably increase your comfort level while decreasing your heating and cooling expenses. There are a number of benefits to changing your windows, but you have to navigate through the many materials and design options before selecting a window.

The Styles

The style of window you choose impacts both the look of the home as well as how convenient it is to clean and maintain. For many people, the double-hung window is a preferred replacement option. In addition to being easy to install, they are chosen because they are easy to clean. Both the upper and lower sections of the window can open, giving a homeowner optimal ventilation

Replacement windows can also be customized to address any unique features or shapes to your home. Glass can be specially fitted to match with odd geometrical shapes like triangles or octagons. Be sure that the glass has a strong U-rating to ensure energy efficiency. Glass is able to be coated with a special substance that can reduce or diffuse ultraviolet rays. These are considered “green” options as specially coated glass can save on utility costs. Double and triple-paned windows provide the most insulation and energy efficiency.

The Materials

You don’t have to stick with vinyl for your replacement windows. While economical, it can be replaced with aluminum or wood. Vinyl has the best rating for noise reduction, insulation, and safety, but wood offers a traditional look. Wood is more expensive and takes longer to install.

Don’t let your windows increase your utilities and drag down the look of your home. Work with a contractor that can replace your windows with an energy-efficient, stylish upgrade.